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Plains Bristle Grass, Setaria macrostachya 100 seeds

Plains Bristle Grass, Setaria macrostachya 100 seeds

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Plains Bristle Grass is a one-year-old grass with erect stems ending in fluffy spiky inflorescences 10-12 cm long and 2-3 cm in diameter.
Its height oscillates between 60 - 80 cm. It is an attractive plant for naturalistic gardens and, after cutting, for fresh and dry flower arrangements. The best time to start sowing seeds is the turn of April and May - the seeds should be sown directly into the ground. We should expect sunrise within a dozen or so days. The most suitable position for the cultivation of Plains Bristle will be a sunny position with fertile and well-drained soil. The plant tolerates negative temperatures badly, so it is impossible to grow it in the ground in our climate. This popular grass is a very frequent guest of gardens. Its cultivation is not demanding, and the environmental conditions to be provided are not too high. It looks best without any systematization, giving the impression of growing wild. Interesting compositions can be obtained by properly handling trichinosis and cultivating it in combinations with other plants. By deciding to buy Plains Bristle Grass seeds, we guarantee easy, quick and abundant cultivation, as well as style and a bit of primal, untamed breeze that the plant will bring to the garden.

The package contains 4 grams or around 100 seeds

Setaria macrostachya
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