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Plains Coreopsis 200 seeds

Plains Coreopsis 200 seeds

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The bicoloured slope Golden Dwarf (Coreopsis tinctoria nana) is a miniature annual plant, resistant and problem-free in cultivation. The proposed variety stands out from other slopes due to its small size, as it grows only up to 12-16 cm. Its erect, highly branched, leafy shoots bear rather large, flat flowers with wide, golden-yellow petals. The edges of the petals are fanciful, shallowly toothed, and the centers of the flower heads are lush orange. The plant blooms profusely from June to August, and because it is tiny and has a compact, nice habit, it is perfect as a material for borders and flower beds. It is also worth creating a sunny composition on the bed - the bi-color slope of the Golden Dwarf will effectively fill the empty spaces left by perennials that fade in late spring.

The seeds of the variety offered in our store should be sown in spring - in boxes at home or directly into the ground. The optimum temperature for seed germination is around 18 ̊C. The target position of the slopes should be bright, sunny, and the soil - moderately compact and rich in humus. The cultivation of these undemanding flowers will also be successful on weaker soil, if we use organic or mineral fertilizer.

The packet available for sale contains 1 gram or about 200 seeds

Coreopsis tinctoria nana
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