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Plumed Cockscomb 50 Seeds

Plumed Cockscomb 50 Seeds

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Spiky celosia is an annual plant ranging in height from 80 to 100 cm. Its flowering period is from June to September, ie 3-5 months from the sowing date. Sowing should be carried out in a position that is strongly sunlit and sheltered from the wind, with fertile soil that is constantly moist. Spiky celosia - against the will of many people - is not resistant to negative temperatures, which means that it can only be found in our country as an annual plant. It is used, among other things, for cut flowers and for dry bouquets. Its habit and unique color qualities make flower arrangements enriched with it look particularly impressive. This is especially true for plants of a size similar to that of celosia. Its characteristic feature is exceptional durability and freshness after cutting, which is carefully used when filling vases with it. However, the plant definitely feels best in flowerbeds, where, together with other ornamental ones, it can fully present itself and have a positive effect on other specimens. Owning and caring for spiked celosia should not frighten anyone - it does not put excessive expectations on the potential owner, it is relatively durable and resistant, so even beginner plant lovers will surely fall in love with its charms, while saving the first successful cultivation on their account.

The package contains 50 seeds.

Celosia spicata Flamingo

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