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Pony Tails Grass 50100seeds

Pony Tails Grass 50100seeds

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Clump grass, height up to 50 cm, with delicate, thread-like, bright green leaves. In Poland, it is grown as an annual plant. Narrow, long and sometimes bristly leaves. Narrow elongated inflorescences, sometimes hanging. Ears with a curled or twisted axis, 2 to 25 cm long.Cultivation:

Sow on pallets or in pots under covers in March. In the temperature of 15-20C, emergence takes place after 3-4 weeks. Plant the plants permanently in May at a distance of 30x30 cm. Perfectly tolerates full sun exposure. Grow in moderately fertile, well-drained soil.Application: Charming, subtly waving in the lightest wind, fluffy inflorescences look great on flowerbeds. You can also grow in containers and use the dried inflorescences for dry bouquets. A subdued composition in a natural style to decorate clearings, edges and other open spaces in gardens using pictorial planning methods.Flowering: July to September.Wintering: An annual plant.

Contains 0.1 grams or around 100 seeds

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