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Pot Marigold Indian Prince 50 seeds

Pot Marigold Indian Prince 50 seeds

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Pot Marigold Indian Prince (Calendula officinalis) is a variety that creates original colored semi-double inflorescences. Marigold flowers have a delicate, soothing scent, appreciated not only for their beautiful appearance, but also for their healing properties. Sunset Buff marigold is a perfect complement to a garden arrangement, it looks particularly good among other summer-flowering annuals, and also planted in larger groups against the background of green conifers or blue larkspur. It can also be used for potted compositions on balconies and terraces.Marigolds can be sown as soon as spring is fully immediately in the place where they are to bloom. Marigold seeds can also be sown in early spring under covers, if we want them to bloom earlier. They grow and bloom quickly, the seeds disperse spontaneously, so marigolds may appear in the same place the following year, but may not repeat the characteristics of the mother plant. Calendula grows well in almost any garden soil, it is good if the soil is constantly slightly moist. Choose a sunny or partially shaded place for its cultivation.

Each packet contains 1 g of seeds which is about 50 seeds.

Calendula Officinalis

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