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Pretty Mietelnik Bassia Scoparia Seeds

Pretty Mietelnik Bassia Scoparia Seeds

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.Mietelnik is an annual plant reaching a height of 80 - 120 cm. Naturally, it covers Australia, Africa, Asia, North America and southern Europe. It is an excellent material for low hedges and for pot plants. Also suitable for planting singly and in groups. Its flowers do not have a decorative value in themselves, however, due to the unique shape, the mint belongs to the original annual plants. We should carry out its cultivation taking into account the requirements it sets for us. The most suitable position will be a place without limited access to light with permeable, fertile soil. A shady position, of course, does not automatically mean stunting, but it may be slightly slower and less abundant. Frost resistance is only partial. If you decide to grow in places exposed to strong winds, the plant will require supports. The big advantage of the bitten is cuttability, thanks to which we will be able to shape any shape, and with a little talent and creativity maybe we will create a real work of art.

The package contains 1 grams of seeds.

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