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Primrose Mixed Colors - 100 seeds

Primrose Mixed Colors - 100 seeds

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The mossy primula is a perennial, filigree plant that reaches a height of about 15 cm, from which in spring sprouts shoots ending with umbels of various coloured flowers with white or yellow eyes. Recommended for perennial beds, for rock gardens and for cultivation in containers and pots. Sowing seeds should be carried out under covers in spring, at the turn of April and May. Growing mossy primrose is not difficult. It is enough to provide him with a shaded position with rich, heavy and moist humus soil. A characteristic feature of the plant is high frost resistance, thanks to which it can successfully cope with winter in our climate. Primroses, as the name suggests, appear among the first in spring. Their flowering begins in the second year of cultivation and falls in the period from March to June. They find a number of applications in our gardens, apart from those already mentioned, they can be used for cut flowers or combined with spring bulb plants. We can also decorate our apartment with primrose, placing it in a pot and allowing it to take a representative place. The optimal decorative effect in the form of a multi-colored composition can be obtained by growing the haughty primrose in a larger group. Thanks to his presence, the neighbourhood will change beyond recognition.

The package contains 0.1 grams or about 100 seeds

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