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Proper Basil 500 seeds

Proper Basil 500 seeds

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Proper basil - green is an annual plant originating in South America, reaching a height of about 50 cm. It is used inter alia as a spice and uses its leaves collected during the flowering of the plant. In fresh form, you can add them to pickling cucumbers, and dried to cottage cheese, salads, sauces, casseroles, as well as baked meats and fish. The strong, expressive smell means that we should use it in moderate amounts. Basil also has medicinal properties: it facilitates, among others, digestion, consumed in the form of infusion of leaves, relieves cough, it is also recommended for inflammation of the urinary tract. Its seeds should be sown in boxes in April or directly to a permanent place in May. Requires humus, well-drained soil rich in nutrients, with a light structure. Its frost resistance is low - it cannot withstand winter in the ground and dies with the onset of the first frosts. Basil is also characterized by a beautiful, aromatic fragrance. In addition to spices and medicinal values, it can also be an interesting decoration of a garden or room. Grown on the windowsill will certainly make the kitchen more cozy and will positively affect the well-being of people inside.

The package contains 1 gram or about 500 seeds

Ocimum basilicum

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