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Pyrethrum mixed colors 100 seeds

Pyrethrum mixed colors 100 seeds

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Full-flowered pyrethrum (Chrysanthemum indicum fl. Pl.) Is a plant worth having in your garden. It will decorate it in the fall, which is when most species are blooming. It produces full, basket-shaped inflorescences, composed of ligular flowers. The baskets come in various colors: from white through yellow, orange and pink, to intense red. The species is characterized by a raised habit, and in the upper part it has shoot branches. Garden chrysanthemum should be grown in large groups in a flower bed, among other ornamental species such as asters and rudbecks. It can be planted in containers, balcony boxes and pots, or lead to a cut flower.

The variety is characterized by an increased number of petals than the standard single pyrethrum.

The seeds are sown in March on a seedbed or in a warm room. The grown plants are transplanted into the ground in May, after the spring frosts have passed. Chrysanthemums grow well in well-drained and fertile soil and in a sunny position.

The package contains 0.05 g. Around 100 seeds.
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