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RARE 50 seeds Astilbe Arendsii

RARE 50 seeds Astilbe Arendsii

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Plant description: Arends' meadowsweet is by far the most popular variety of meadowsweet. It is distinguished by beautiful inflorescences in many expressive colors. It is a plant with low soil and care requirements, which adorns more and more gardens and the edges of ponds and decorative ponds. It can also be grown in pots.

Height: Up to about 65 centimeters in height have the longest inflorescence shoots.

Type of flowers: Panicles of long-flowered small flowers appear at the top of erect stems. The inflorescences are extremely eye-catching, they resemble a plume. They reach 15 to 20 centimeters in length.

Flower color: Flowers of meadowsweet are a real richness of colors - they happen to be pink, red and white, but the most beautiful are those that are a kind of mixture of shades of these colors.

Foliage: In addition to extremely attractive flowers, Tawułka also has very nice leaves - they are double or triple toothed, set on short petioles. They have a vivid green color, they die before winter.

Form: This is a tall plant forming an unusually extensive clump with a large number of runners.

Application: Arends's meadowsweet gives perennial flower beds a special lightness. These extremely attractive decorative plants are valued mainly because of the beautiful inflorescences that draw attention both in color and appearance. They are planted mainly at rebates, where they blend in perfectly with other colorful perennials. They look nice as a background for lower plants, it feels good near ponds and ponds. They can also be grown in containers that will be a real decoration of balconies and terraces. Inflorescences can be successfully used in bouquets, because they are extremely durable and after drying their color does not lose intensity.

Frost resistance: The plant dies before winter, but it can wait out the low temperatures and be reborn in early spring.

Stand: To get really tall and fast-growing meadows, a fertile and moist place should be allocated for them. There are no special requirements regarding the degree of sunlight.

Spacing: The optimal spacing is about 60 centimeters, minimally the plants should be separated from each other by 50 centimeters.

Latin name: Astilbe x arendsii

The package contains 50 seeds
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