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Rare Trumpet Vine - Devil's Shoestring - Cow Vine (Campsis Radicans) 40 Seeds

Rare Trumpet Vine - Devil's Shoestring - Cow Vine (Campsis Radicans) 40 Seeds

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Trumpet Vine (Campsis Radicans

Trumpet Vine is a beautiful climber that belongs to the group of "the most beautiful plants in the world". It is a plant valued for its intense and long flowering which begins at the beginning of April and lasts until the end of September, the flowers are very fragrant, trumpet-shaped, scarlet-orange in color. Another valued feature of this plant is its strong growth, which varies depending on the conditions in which it grows from 1 m to 4 m! ! ! combined with the fact that Trumpet Vine loves pruning and can be shaped in any way, makes it an exceptionally attractive plant for our gardens! ! ! Trumpet Vine is perfect for a flowering hedge, for covering walls and pargola, for planting along paths, for small garden trees, and as a Bonsai tree. Trumpet Vine has beautiful pinnate leaves consisting of 9 - 11 smaller leaves, up to 6 cm long, the plant also has clinging roots thanks to which it climbs towards the top of other objects. In our climatic conditions, Trumpet Vine grows up to 10 m in length and is completely frost resistant, it can withstand a temperature drop down to - 35 C.

Sowing seeds and growing:

Sowing seeds all year round, soak the seeds for 24 hours and then perform a cold stratification procedure (from 0 to 5 C) for 30 days, then sow into pots with ordinary garden soil, water and set aside in a warm place. Plants in the first year of cultivation are protected against cold because they are sensitive to frost.

Pocket contains 40 seeds

Campsis Radicans

Common Name(s):


Cow Vine.

Devil's Shoestring.

Foxglove Vine.


Trumpet Creeper.

Trumpet Vine.

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