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Red Cabbage Koda 800 seeds

Red Cabbage Koda 800 seeds

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Koda red cabbage is an excellent variety for amateur cultivation. Although not as popular as its white cousin, it is just as tasty and valuable. Known primarily from the regional Silesian cuisine, as the so-called The "red cabbage" is worth spreading. We encourage you to purchase red Koda variety seeds. Satisfaction with your own harvest guaranteed!Koda red headed cabbage is characterized by tight heads, with an average weight of 1-1.5 kg. It is an early variety, intended for the summer harvest. The head is round, on a low stump. Intensely dyed dark red. The harvest is obtained after about 3 months from planting the seedlings to the place of cultivation.The use of Koda red cabbage is not much different from the use of white cabbage. The Koda variety is excellent for direct consumption. Salads and salads will gain not only the appearance, but also the amount of vitamin B1, thus surpassing its white cousin. Homemade pickles and preserves with red cabbage are an attractive replacement for the assortment that is boring in winter. It is more delicate in smell and mild in taste. The looser head structure makes it easier to stuff this vegetable better. It is a delicious addition to beef roulades and roasts.Head cabbage, although it is a biennial plant, is grown as an annual. The requirements of white or red cabbage come down to well-cultivated and fertilized soil and sufficient amounts of water during the growth period. Prepare the seedlings at the beginning of March in a greenhouse or a tunnel on a germinator.

We sell packages of Koda red cabbage seeds, weighing 1 gram or around 800 seeds

Brassica olercea rubra

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