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Red Pear tomato 300 seeds

Red Pear tomato 300 seeds

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A variety of large-fruited, tall tomato, intended for amateur cultivation in the ground. The characteristic shape of the fruit is reflected in the name - Red pear.


The Red Pear tomato is a vegetable that is gaining recognition from gardeners, with very large and incredibly tasty fruit. Seeds are already available in our store. It is counted among the early, high growing ones. The fast and strong growth rate entails the need to picket and cut plants. Possibility of running the plant on one or two shoots. Fruits weighing about a quarter kilogram, ripen, acquire an intense red color. The interior has an aromatic pulp with a low content of jelly with seeds. Sweet, with unique taste, excellent for direct consumption. The very original, baggy shape of the fruit is perfect as a container for filling various types of stuffing. Each housewife has a recipe for her dish using seasonal field tomatoes. And it will be even better if we use such a tasty variety as Red Pear.


Tomato is a vegetable (although from a botanical point of view a fruit), originating in South America. Cultivated in that area as a perennial plant, it does not experience even the first chill with us. In our country, next to cucumbers, is one of the most popular vegetables. Consumed largely raw, it is an irreplaceable raw material for processing. Purees, juices, pastes, sauces, canned goods and jars - in each of these forms we will find tomatoes. Cocktail, plum, raspberry, yellow, red, green and black, oblong and round - a wealth of varieties, colors and shapes. Everyone will find something to their liking in such a rich offer that tomatoes provide us with.


In mid-March, it's worth thinking about your own tomato seedling. Established in a warm place, on rich, well-drained humus soil. The seedling will be suitable for planting in the designated place after May 15, on a slightly acidic medium, in a sunny and sheltered place. Tomatoes require us to be fed. These are plants with high fertilizer requirements. It is best to use specially designed means that we have on the market in abundance.


No one needs convincing that they are allies of our health. The high content of potassium and a beneficial effect on the cardiovascular system, or lycopene, antioxidant and anti-cancer effect on only a few benefits of these medications liked vegetables.


That is why it is worth ordering unique Red Pear tomato seeds in our store today.
The packaging contains a total of 0.4 grams or around 300 seeds
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