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Regina Wild Strawberry - Large Fruit 100 SEEDS

Regina Wild Strawberry - Large Fruit 100 SEEDS

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.Regina is a very fertile strawberry variety with strong growth, compact habit and no tendency to produce runners. Its characteristic feature is aromatic, large fruit with an intense red color (twice as large as that of cultivated varieties). Perfect for both direct consumption and preserves. Fruits in the year of sowing, and then annually from June to the end of September. Sowing seeds should take place at the turn of March and April under cover. The stand for cultivation should be fully sunny (if we want the fruit to be sweet) but it is not a stiff requirement. The strawberry will also bear fruit in the shade. The soil preferred by the wild strawberry is fertile, light and humus soil. The distance we should use is 40 x 40 cm. The presented variety reaches maturity four months after that moment, its height in the peak period of development is about 20-40 cm. The disappearance of fruit should be expected with the arrival of the first frosts - this usually happens in October. Regina is resistant to freezing temperatures, but only up to a point. Extremely cold winter or inadequate protection against the cold can result in a dream and a lack of rebirth next year. Choosing a wild strawberry Regina is a guarantee of health and unique taste.

The package contains 0.2 grams or around 100 seeds.

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