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Ricinus Castor Oil Plant 5 Seeds

Ricinus Castor Oil Plant 5 Seeds

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A magnificent annual plant from 150 to 250 cm high with decorative maroon-green palm leaves. Small flowers that appear on the plant from July to October after flowering, the fruit forms on the plant in the form of spiky red-green balls, gathered in large, compact, maroon inflorescences. It looks great as a solitaire on lawns and in garden groups. In addition, the castor can be planted on the edge of the plot to scare away rodents like voles, moles, mice. The seeds are sown from March to April for an inspection or on a warm window sill. Requires humus soil, plentiful watering and feeding.


Please note that seeds and all parts of the plant for all Ricinus species are poisonous.

Please handle with care and always wash hands after handling seeds or plants.

Those plants and seeds contain ricin and should be planted away from any animal contact.

This package contains 5 seeds.

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