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Rodeo Rasberry Tomato 50 Seeds

Rodeo Rasberry Tomato 50 Seeds

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The Rodeo Raspberry Tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) is a medium early variety, intended for amateur cultivation. It is suitable for cultivation in the ground and under low covers. Self-dying plants that do not require pruning or growing near stakes. The fruits of this raspberry tomato are very large, they can weigh up to 500-650 g. The heart-shaped fruit without a spine develop a pretty raspberry color. Fine ribbing may appear on their surface. The fruits are quite hard and firm, they taste great and are very juicy. Due to its taste, Rodeo Raspberry tomato is best suited for direct consumption and for juice.The tomato is a thermophilic plant, so it is best grown from seedlings. For this purpose, tomato seeds are sown in early spring under heated covers. The seedlings should not be planted earlier than in the second half of May, when young plants will not be threatened by ground frosts. The Raspberry Rodeo variety is grown at a distance of 80-100 x 50-60 cm. tomatoes grow best in humus-rich soil that is moist, but at the same time well drained and quickly drying out. Do not forget to fertilize them regularly, then we will get a rich harvest.

Each package contains 0.2 g of Raspberry Rodeo tomato seeds which is about 50 seeds.

Lycopersicon esculentum

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