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Rose Milkweed 20 seeds, non GMO

Rose Milkweed 20 seeds, non GMO

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Cinderella blood bass is a delightful and very hardy, tufted perennial with beautifully fragrant, huge inflorescences. Reaches approx. 90-100 cm in height and develops branched, straight shoots. Its pink-reddish flowers are in the form of long, narrow tubes. From July to September, they develop profusely in the leaf axils, creating abundant, erect clusters. After flowering, the trout is decorated with spindle-shaped fruits. Its shiny, lanceolate, pointed leaves up to 15 cm long are also exceptionally decorative.

The plant feels good in warm and humid places - it is not disturbed even by periodic soils. It blooms equally profusely in full sun and heavily overexposed shade. It is recommended primarily for naturalistic plantings and on the shores of water reservoirs. It has very strong, thick rhizomes and well-developed, deep-reaching roots, therefore it is quite expansive and should grow alone. Choose her position carefully because she doesn't like overdoing it.

The package contains 0.3 g or around 20 seeds

Asclepias incarnata
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