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Safflower, Carthamus tinctorius 30 seeds

Safflower, Carthamus tinctorius 30 seeds

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Safflower is a one-year, fast-growing plant with stiff, strong shoots, reaching a height of approx. 70 - 80 cm. Its capitate inflorescences of orange, yellow or white color develop in July - August. Seeds should be sown directly into the ground with the arrival of spring, i.e. at the turn of March and April, using rows approximately 30 cm apart. A very sunny place will be a suitable position for this plant. In terms of soil, safflower does not show any particular preferences, its cultivation will be successful both on fertile ground and on the ground of lower quality. Due to its low resistance to negative temperatures, the plant is grown as an annual. Safflower is used, among others, for cut flowers, as it is an excellent plant for dry compositions. It is also great for discounts. An interesting idea will be to plant a large number of varieties of this species on your lawn. This beautiful, yellow-orange plant is practically self-sufficient, besides low requirements and simple cultivation, it is also resistant to periodic water shortages, and also does not need additional power. This undoubtedly contributes to its popularity, especially among beginners who would like to beautifully decorate their garden, but face certain difficulties when growing plants.

The package contains 2 grams or around 50 seeds.

Carthamus tinctorius
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