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Sahim Red Butter Lettuce 200 seeds

Sahim Red Butter Lettuce 200 seeds

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Sahim Red butter lettuce (Lactuca sativa var Captiva) not only provides valuable, low-calorie and vitamin-rich food, but also perfectly decorates vegetable patches. This medium-early variety, intended for cultivation in the ground, is resistant to premature breaking into inflorescences. Forms compact, regular heads with attractive, slightly blistering and decorative curled leaves. Their unusual, intense red color deserves attention. Easily digestible, delicate in taste red Sahim lettuce is eagerly served in salads, salads and as a healthy addition to sandwiches, it can also be used as a plate decoration. It contains a lot of vitamin C, beta-carotene, fiber and mineral salts, but does not accumulate harmful nitrates.The seeds of the offered variety can be sown all spring and mid-summer straight into the ground. The soil should be well tilled, loosened and fairly fertile. Both prolonged drought on hot days and excess water are harmful to lettuce, so it is also worth taking care of moderate compactness and permeability of the substrate. Decorative red butter lettuce heads reach maturity in 60-70 days after sowing, in early summer or at the turn of summer and fall, depending on the date of starting cultivation.

Each package contains 1 g or around 200 seeds.

Lactuca sativa var Captiva

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