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Shallots 1000 seeds

Shallots 1000 seeds

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Instead of ordinary onions, in the garden or on the plot, you can grow shallots, which are characterized by a more delicate taste and a higher vitamin content. Small, oblong onions are perfect for sandwiches and salads, as well as in preserves.Life form: perennial, grown as an annual.The time of yielding and harvesting: the period from sowing seeds to the development of mature bulbs is 105-115 days for shallots. The harvest is carried out in July.Onion: Several elongated, egg-shaped bulbs grow from one heel. The presented variety is characterized by the yellow-brown color of dry scales. Its flesh is white with a light purple tinge. It has a characteristic, very good, sweet and spicy taste.Leaves: The tubular green leaves grow very profusely and can be used like a common onion chive.Position: shallots is a thermophilic plant and develops bulbs at a temperature of at least 20 ° C - for this reason, it should be allocated a fully sunlit position with an easily heated substrate. In terms of the requirements for its abundance, the presented plant does not differ from other bulbous plants. It prefers soils that are compact, but not waterlogged, rich in humus and not covered with crusts.Spacing: the optimal spacing for seeds is 20-30 x 10-15 cm.Frost resistance: representatives of this species withstand frosts down to -10 ° C.Usage: shallots are richer in flavonoids and essential oils than ordinary onions, they also contain more vitamin C. Suitable for direct consumption raw, as well as for pickling and drying to obtain seasoning material.T

here are 3 g of seeds in the bag which is about 1000 seeds

Allium cepa - grupa Aggregatum

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