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Shiny Sage - Red

Shiny Sage - Red

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Shiny sage (Salvia splendens) looks like a graceful border flame. This small annual plant reaches 25-40 cm in height and similar width. It is decorative thanks to elongated, serrated, dark green leaves, forming a dense rosette in the lower parts of the shoots, and - above all - thanks to the soaring inflorescences, built of densely embedded, fiery red flowers about 5 cm long. Also decorative are their carmine bracts, which retain their effective appearance even after flowering.

The charming red sage in our climate is grown from seedlings, which are easily produced in an inspection or at home, in a mini-cupcake. Sowing can be done in February and March, while planting for rebates is planted in the second half of May. Since the proposed species is characterized by an attractive habit, persistent flowering (from June to October) and saturated colors, and is small in size, it works great as a foreground for small discounts or a border around a larger flower bed, especially in a composition with an equally durable Mexican wedding or old man. Shiny red sage develops well in containers, it is also often grown in parks and on urban green areas. For abundant flowering, it needs plenty of sunlight and well-drained, humus soil.

Each pack contains 0.5 g of seeds
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