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Silene chalcedonica Flower of Bristol RED 50 seeds

Silene chalcedonica Flower of Bristol RED 50 seeds

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Silene chalcedonica - a mixture of colors (Lychnis chalcedonica) is one of the most striking perennials that bloom in full summer. This fairly tall, bushy plant, reaching a maximum of 80 cm, develops in June and July hemispherical tops of small, beautiful flowers with strongly cut petals. The offered mixture includes seeds of white, red and pink flowering specimens. The wonderful, holiday colors of the Silene chalcedonica can be admired in the flowerbed and in the apartment, because this species is perfect as a cut flower.

Sowing seeds of the proposed plant is recommended to be carried out throughout the spring under covers, in an inspectorate or in an apartment. You have to wait about 2-3 weeks for emergence, and the seedlings are suitable for planting in the target site in August. The first flowers should be expected in the second year of cultivation - the largest, most abundant panicles will develop, if it grows in a sunny position, in a fairly compact, fertile soil that maintains moisture well. This perennial should be combined in flowerbeds with species with large, single flowers - zinnia, sunflowers or asters - and large beauties with spike inflorescences, e.g. lupine.

Each pocket contains 0.5g or around 50 seeds

Lychnis chalcedonica
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