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Silene Pendula Pink 200 seeds

Silene Pendula Pink 200 seeds

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Pendulum (Silene pendula) is a unique type of mastic, simply created for cultivation in pots, bowls and boxes. This small (20-25 cm) plant with thin, slender shoots, parting to the sides, is characterized by a delicate habit and incomparable lightness. At the end of June and throughout July, it develops dark pink, funnel-shaped flowers with widely spread petals with characteristic V-shaped cuts in the center. It does not need a particularly fertile soil - light garden soil and plenty of sun are enough. It will develop beautifully on borders and flowerbeds, against the background of taller, contrasting colored summer flowers. The mite's charm can also be found in a container, preferably a tall box or a hanging basket, which it can share with e.g. a lobelia.

In April, we sow the seeds of sunken buttermilk directly into containers, in beds or - for earlier flowering - under covers. After the break, the seedlings should grow every 15-20 cm, because in such a density we will get a nice, compact group.

The package contains 0.5 gram or about 200 seeds

Silene pendula Pink
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