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Silver Dollar Tree, Eucalyptus cinerea 20 seeds

Silver Dollar Tree, Eucalyptus cinerea 20 seeds

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Silver Dollar eucalyptus is a variety with round, leathery leaves in a blue-gray color. They have a characteristic aroma that comes from the essential oil with antiseptic properties. It is an evergreen shrub or tree that does not winter in the ground under our climatic conditions. It is usually grown in a conservatory or as a room plant. Under natural conditions, these plants can grow up to several meters in height, but in pots their growth is significantly limited. Due to their decorative qualities, they are often used in floristic compositions.

In the spring, we sow the ash eucalyptus seeds in containers placed in a bright and warm place. When the seedlings get older, you can transplant them into individual pots. This species grows well in full sun. Prefers fertile and moist soil with good drainage. Young plants should not be exposed to strong winds. In summer, the plants can be put out on the balcony, terrace and even in the garden.

Great tree to use for Bonsai

Each package contains 20 seeds
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