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Sponge Gourd 10 seeds

Sponge Gourd 10 seeds

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The Sponge gourd (Luffa cylindrica) is an extremely original plant with fruits that look like cucumbers. They have a very interesting application - natural bath sponges can be made of them. It is enough - when they are ripe - to hollow the flesh together with the seeds, and then subject them to a drying process.

As a one-year climber, the cylindrical sponge can reach approx. 2 m in height. For this reason, it is recommended to lead to supports. It yields in the late summer - it produces oblong fruits with a green and matte skin and a spongy flesh with a whitish color. Leaves - five-flap, round; flowers - light yellow.

The package contains 1 g of seeds which is about 10 seeds.
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