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Statice Flower Mixed Colors 25 seeds

Statice Flower Mixed Colors 25 seeds

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Statice is an annual plant, reaching a height of about 60 - 70 cm. It is characterized by multicolored flowers arranged in inflorescences. The plant is used, among others, for cut flowers, for drying off, for bouquets and for flower beds. Properly displayed, it will perfectly decorate the garden, and thanks to the mix of colors, it will surely intrigue everyone nearby and will not allow a breath of boredom. Sowing under covers should be carried out with the arrival of spring, at the turn of March and April, while the seeds should reach the ground in May. The preferred spacing is 200 x 300 mm. The most suitable position for a perturbed person is in a fully sunny, dry place with well-drained, heavily limed soil. The plant is partially frost-resistant - in the case of winters with average negative temperatures, it should survive in the ground without any problems. Its unquestionable advantage is high adaptation skills - it can create wonderful compositions with other plants. Thanks to it, flowerbeds and rock gardens will gain vigor, and dry compositions enriched with hemangiosis will look more impressive. Colorful flowers will honor us with their presence from June until autumn - then the flowering process is stopped. The colors to be expected when deciding to cultivate are blue, red, pink and yellow.


The package contains 0.2 grams of seeds which is about 20 seeds.


Limonium sinuatum
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