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Strawberry Tree rare 20 seeds

Strawberry Tree rare 20 seeds

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The Strawberry Tree (Arbutus Unedo), also known as the Strawberry Tree, is an unusual shrub (a small tree) characterized by beautiful evergreen slightly shiny leathery leaves and fragrant inflorescences reminiscent of the flowers of the Lily of the valley. However, the most noteworthy are beautiful, peculiar, fairy-tale fruits resembling wild strawberries or strawberries. They are very tasty and contain a lot of vitamins. During the fruiting period (about 3 months), the tree is covered with clusters of fruit, which looks very impressive. The plant comes from the Mediterranean regions, where the climate is similar to Polish. In southern Poland, it can be grown in the garden without covering. Only in cold regions where the winter temperature drops below - 15 C is it necessary to cover. In the case of a very severe winter, cover is required in both cases, otherwise the tree may freeze to the edge of the snow, bouncing back in spring. In our climate it grows up to a maximum of 3 meters in height. The Strawberry Tree is simply an unusual plant in every way, it is perfect as a solitaire (plant planted singly) and for planting in groups or as a background for other plants, it is also suitable for making miniature Bonsai trees, it grows perfectly both in the garden, on the terrace and home! ! ! In our climate, the Strawberry Tree is frost-resistant and frost-resistant, it can withstand a temperature drop down to - 15 C.

Contains 20 seeds

Arbutus Unedo

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