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Stunning Cape Verde Dragon Tree 3 seeds

Stunning Cape Verde Dragon Tree 3 seeds

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The famous Dragon Tree from the Canary Islands, which owes its name to the resin, which oxidizes to a reddish color called dragon blood by the inhabitants of the Canary Islands.
The cultivation of this remarkable plant begins as a modest rosette plant with light blue striped leaves and initially forms a smooth, solitary trunk.
With a certain age, the trunk begins to fork and forms an increasing number of leaf rosettes.
Some Dragon Trees in the Canary Islands are believed to be more than 1,000 years old.
These giants are certainly one of the most impressive monuments of the plant world, with a huge gnarled trunk that supports a huge umbrella-like crown with hundreds of individual rosettes of leaves.

The package contains 3 seeds

Dracaena Draco

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