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Stunning Persian Silk Tree 10 seeds

Stunning Persian Silk Tree 10 seeds

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Persian Silk Tree is an unusual small, green tree from East Asia. It is a plant valued all over the world for its unquestionable decorative qualities. The leaves resemble airy fans - they are somewhat similar to mimosa (the same family as the shameful mimosa). The flowers of this plant are also very decorative - they resemble pompoms made of pink and white threads 5 cm long, they are very fragrant flowers glow at night. In Eastern cultures, it is believed that these flowers have the power to "heal broken hearts" and evoke feelings of contentment and happiness. In Western herbalism, this plant has gained a reputation as a quick and effective antidepressant and sedative. It is also used in the fight against insomnia. It is a plant that can be planted in our gardens, withstands temperature drops to - 22 ° C. Suitable for solitaire planting (i.e. a plant that grows slowly). It is also perfect for growing in containers at home and on the terrace, both as a shrub or a small Bonsai tree (it even likes very intensive pruning).

Year-round sowing, soak the seeds for 24 hours, sow in boxes and set aside in a warm place.

Pocket contains 10 seeds

Albizia julibrissin
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