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Summer Savory 800 seeds

Summer Savory 800 seeds

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Summer savory is a one-year-old plant, reaching approx. 20-30 cm in height, distinguished by small white or pink-purple flowers and narrow-lanceolate leaves with a pleasant smell. The plant comes from the Mediterranean area. The seeds are sown in pots or boxes, or in the garden in early spring, on a site with full access to sunlight and fertile soil with permeability. The resistance to negative temperatures in the case of garden savory is not complete. The plant is an excellent seasoning for fish, meat, beans, soups and sauces - it gives them a specific flavor. For this purpose, fresh or dried herbs are used, and in rare cases also leaves. A good quality herb should have a green color, a strong spicy aroma and a pepper-like flavor. Savory is also characterized by medicinal properties, including digestion, appetite stimulation, plenty of iron, and support for the immune system. It is very easy to grow, which effectively encourages you to opt for its presence. Permanent, unrestricted access to fresh savory is undoubtedly a huge advantage, so it is worth enriching your home garden or kitchen window sill with this aromatic, healthy plant and enjoy the full possibilities of its use.

The package contains 2 gram of seeds. Around 800 seeds

Satureja hortensis

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