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Sunflower Dwarf Bambino 30 seeds

Sunflower Dwarf Bambino 30 seeds

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Sunflower Dwarf Bambino (Helianthus annus) is a strongly dwarf variety. Plants reach a maximum height of 30-40 cm. Single flower baskets, 10-12 cm in diameter, appear on the tops of stiff shoots from May until autumn, composed of golden-yellow ligulate flowers surrounding the center of the inflorescence, brown tubular flowers. This variety is perfect for growing in containers or in low flower beds. In the fall, fading inflorescences and seeds become food for birds. Sunflower flowers are a natural medicine that reduces the fever accompanying colds and flu, facilitates digestion, and in the form of compresses also relieves swelling and bruises. The sunflower is also a very valuable honey plant.Bambino sunflower seeds can be sown directly into the ground from April to June at a distance of 30 x 50 cm, or from December to April in pots under cover. The seedling production period lasts from 2 to 3 weeks, after which the plants should be transplanted to their target site. Decorative sunflower should be grown in a sunny, warm position, in fertile and sufficiently moist soil.

The package contains 2 g of Bambino sunflower seeds, which is about 30 seeds

Helianthus annuus

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