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Sunflower Dwarf Green Hobbit 30 seeds

Sunflower Dwarf Green Hobbit 30 seeds

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Decorative dwarf sunflower - Green Hobbit - for growing in pots - is a miniature variety, very graceful and easy to care for. Its edible flowers look great both in flowerbeds and in containers, on balconies, terraces or in the apartment. Green Hobbit produces inflorescences in the form of very large, single baskets. The flowers have yellow-gold petals and stately flat, aquamarine-green centers 10-12 cm in diameter. Plants adopt a raised, compact habit, so they look beautiful in small groups, planted in boxes or tall pots. They are also perfect as cut flowers for a vase.

In a warm room, the seeds of the sunflower offered in our store can be sown from winter to late spring. The specimens sown directly into the ground in late spring will also flourish. Green Hobbit sunflower seeds are best grown at a distance of 30x50 cm. The presented variety likes airy soils, sufficiently moist and rich in humus. In order to look really beautiful, it requires a sunny position - if the pot is placed in an unevenly lit place, the flower basket can "follow" the sun.

The package available for sale contains 1 g of Green Hobbit seeds which is about 30 seeds.
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