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Sunflower Taiyo 50 seeds

Sunflower Taiyo 50 seeds

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Taiyo sunflower - decorative cut flower (Helianthus annuus) is a classic variety with golden yellow petals and large black centers. The flowers of this easy-to-grow annual plant are very large and very durable. Taiyo sunflower has straight, strong, single shoots, approx. 150 cm long. Since its stems do not have any branches, they are perfect to cut into a vase. Decorative sunflowers with vividly colored flowers, planted in a free group or in an even row, are also a beautiful garden decoration. They look particularly attractive when growing along a fence or against a wall of a house with a southern exposure.

We recommend sowing Taiyo sunflower seeds in late spring in a soil rich in humus, filled with compost or granulated manure and deeply dug. To obtain tall plants with large, beautiful flowers, we should provide them with sufficient moisture and nutrients. Access to light is also necessary - sunflowers tend to follow the sun, so plant them in open, well-lit positions. These large, exceptionally effective plants look great in single-species compositions and with other flowers associated with a country garden, such as: garden lupins, common leaves, flames, echinacea, marcinas and mallow.

Each package contains 2 g of seeds which is about 50 seeds.

Helianthus Annuus
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