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Swiss Pansy Mixed Colors 50 seeds

Swiss Pansy Mixed Colors 50 seeds

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Swiss Pansy is a biennial plant with sumptuous, extremely decorative flowers. Small flowers that reach a height of 15 to 25 cm. Flower with a diameter of up to 10 cm delight with a multitude of bright and cheerful colors, their centers are often decorated with a stain of a different color. This species is valued for its very long flowering period, flowers appear from early spring to early fall. With their help, we will introduce colors to our garden at the beginning of spring. We can plant them in flowerbeds and flower beds, creating colorful spots or colored borders. They are one of the first spring-flowering plants that we can plant in balcony pots and boxes.At the beginning of summer, the seeds of the Swiss pansies are sown in the inspectorate or on the seedbed. The seeds germinate very well, emergence can be expected after 2-3 weeks. We move them to a permanent place in autumn or early spring, they keep a distance of 20-25 cm between plants. This species blooms well both in sunlight and in partial shade. It is not very demanding on the type of soil, any garden soil will suit it.

Each package contains 0.1 g or around 50 seeds

Viola wittrockiana

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