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Tagetes Sunny - spread, lemon yellow seeds

Tagetes Sunny - spread, lemon yellow seeds

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Tagetes patella Sunny - lemon-yellow (Tagetes patula nana), this strongly propagating variety reaches a height of 20-30 cm. A large number of individual flower baskets decorate these small plants from June until the onset of the first autumn frosts. Flowers with a bright, lemon-yellow color will be an ideal decoration for flower beds, flower beds and flower beds, as well as all flower pots and balcony boxes. Combined with plants with intensely red and blue flowers, they will create an unusual composition that will surely please the eye.

Seeds of marigold are sown in spring into pots, boxes or other containers, placed indoors or at a later date directly into the ground. Seeds germinate quite quickly, provided that we provide them with adequate moisture. Tagetes are sensitive to frost, that's why we do not plant ready seedlings in the garden until the risk of spring frosts has passed. The tagline Sunny is available in our online store is not too demanding, it likes a fertile and water-rich substrate. If we provide her with access to the sun, it will flourish for a long time.

Each pack contains 1 g of Sunny Lemongrass Yellow Velvet seeds.
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