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Tangy Clematis Seeds

Tangy Clematis Seeds

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.Tangy Clematis is a lush, perennial climber that blooms in the first year of cultivation. His hallmarks are numerous, lantern-shaped, yellow flowers with a diameter of 4 - 5 cm appearing in summer and autumn, followed by fluffy, silvery seeds. The flowering period lasts from July to September. The plant is used to decorate walls, balustrades, old trunks, and also for growing in containers. Seeds can be sown under cover at the turn of March and April, emergence should occur within a dozen or so days. Permanent plants should migrate to the place in mid-May. The position preferred by the Tanguk clematis will be a sunny place with well-drained and rich soil. This plant also has a high resistance to freezing temperatures, thanks to which it can easily cope with winter in the ground and will be reborn the following year. It is very easy to grow and undemanding, which certainly positively affects its overall reception. With the help of climbers, we can make many visual changes within our property, as well as hide unsightly deficiencies in the building, such as holes in the walls, cracks, dyeing, etc. It will undoubtedly introduce new life into our courtyards, as well as beautifully brighten and decorate the area.

The package contains 0.1 grams of seeds.

Clematis chrysantha

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