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The Horned Violet Johny Jump Up 100 seeds

The Horned Violet Johny Jump Up 100 seeds

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The horned violet Johny Jump Up (Viola cornuta) is a short-lived perennial, but most often it is grown in our climate as a biennial plant. Forms loose, low (10-25 cm) tufts with overlapping shoots. Its flowers are very similar to those of the popular pansy (Viola x wittrockiana), but smaller. It is used to fill the borders of flower beds and rock gardens. Due to its small size, it is recommended to grow in containers. The Johny Jump Up strain produces fragrant, five-petalled, purple-white flowers with a yellow center and purple blotches on the white petals. It blooms profusely and for a long time (May-September).

The flowers of the horned violet not only look nice and smell beautiful, but are also edible and have a sweet taste. They can be added to vegetable and fruit salads or used to decorate dishes.The horned violet tolerates very well shaded areas where it blooms longer. It should be grown in fertile, moist and acidic soils. It is grown from seedlings produced in the season preceding flowering. The seeds are sown in May-July in containers or on the plant. The seedlings are planted permanently in the period from July to October, with a spacing of 10-15 x 25 cm. Plants bloom in spring, and sometimes even in November. The horned violet can also be grown from winter sowing, directly to a permanent place, in October-November. The seedlings then appear in spring.

The package contains 0.3 g of horned Johny Jump Up seeds

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