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Thyme 200 seeds

Thyme 200 seeds

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Thyme is a perennial plant native to the Mediterranean, up to 40 cm tall. It takes the form of a highly branched half-shrub. It has been known and used since ancient times. It has small, narrow-lanceolate leaves with curled edges and small flowers gathered in inflorescences. It is a honey-bearing species and is characterised by an aromatic fragrance. For cultivation, choose a site with access to the sun and a well-drained, light substrate. Thyme is highly resistant to negative temperatures, therefore its presence in the ground during the following winter months is not endangered. The flowering period of the plant falls in the full summer: June, July, August and September, when it produces pink flowers. Thyme is used because of its three main functions, namely: decorative, healing and spice. It looks very nice on flowerbeds and slopes, when planted in a pot on the windowsill, it will also enliven the room. Due to its distinctive taste, it is used in cooking, among others, for thick soups, game, fatty meats, cheese, pates, potatoes and cold meats. The plant also has a diuretic effect, soothes stomach cramps and neuralgia, has a positive effect on the respiratory system and facilitates digestion. To get to know all the properties of thyme, it is worth trying to grow it on your own.


The package contains 0.5 gram or around 200 seeds

Thymus vulgaris

 - Is a perennial species with thymus gland at the centre, the leaves are very divided into narrow leaflets with lobed edges, the blooming period extends from March to June.

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