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Tomato Cherry Raspberry Flavor 20 seeds

Tomato Cherry Raspberry Flavor 20 seeds

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Tomato Raspberry Flavor (Solanum lycopersicum) - a small, extremely refreshing-tomato flavor - is a variety for everyone! As one of the most fertile and also the most resistant cocktail tomatoes, Raspberry Taste surprises with the quantity and high quality of fruit. They are slightly elongated, smooth, very juicy and not prone to cracking or discoloration. They reach a weight of up to 10 g, with one plant producing up to 150-200 pieces of full-fledged, pretty tomatoes. Their delicious pulp with a rich flavor abounds in vitamin C, potassium, lycopene and other important nutrients, which makes the crop obtained from tomato Raspberry Flavor is a delicious, healthy snack and a great addition to the salad.The proposed variety should be grown from seedlings, which are easy to produce even in the apartment. Seedlings obtained from our seeds develop quickly and evenly, and after planting under foil or soil bring a generous yield early. Plants should be planted at stakes, in sheltered, sunny places with well-drained soil rich in humus. Thanks to high resistance to fungal pathogens and bacterial diseases, the presented variety does not require spraying and works well in organic farming.

The package contains 0.1 g or around 25 seeds tomato seeds Raspberry.

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