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Tomato Denar 100 Seeds

Tomato Denar 100 Seeds

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The Denar tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) - ground, pear, hard - is a determinate variety, easy to care for and very generously fruiting. As the shoots of the plants are stiff and clustered, and the bushes grow only up to 60-80 cm, the Denar tomato does not need to be staked. Its fruit is similar in shape to a pear and, in the period of consumption ripeness, weighs 90-110 g. Their flesh is firm, firm and hard, and the taste is refreshing and sweet. They work great as an ingredient of salads and an addition to sandwiches.Rich in anti-cancer lycopene and all the necessary vitamins, ground tomatoes can be grown from seedlings and sowing straight into the ground. If we decide to produce seedlings at home, we will harvest the first crop of this medium-early variety in July. Tomatoes sown in the open ground in the second half of May bear fruit in August and September. In order for the plants to develop their full yield potential, we should provide them with a warm, sunny position with permeable and humus soil.

The package contains 0.5 g of Denar tomato seeds which is about 100 seeds.

Lycopersicon esculentum

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