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Tomato Favorite - Ground Raspberry - fruits grow to over 1 lbs

Tomato Favorite - Ground Raspberry - fruits grow to over 1 lbs

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All of our seeds are fresh and stored properly before shipping.Medium-early variety with large fruits reaching up to 0.5 kg. Tomatoes slightly flattened with a thin skin. The pulp has a great taste and a small amount of seeds. Grown in stakes.The favorite is a representative of high ground tomatoes with exceptionally tasty, large raspberry fruits. The excellent quality of its crops exceeds the store tomatoes, which are usually smaller and have harder skins.Habit: the variety presented is characterized by a fairly compact habit and medium strong growth. Best suited for keeping on 1 or 2 shoots. Produces numerous, relatively densely embedded leaves.Date of fruiting and harvesting: we collect tomatoes of the proposed variety in August and September.Fruit: Impressive, nicely formed Favoryta fruits have a fleshy, sweet flesh typical of raspberry tomatoes with a wonderful aroma and unique taste. The thin, transparent skin shows the raspberry-red color of the fruit. It takes on a slightly flattened shape, sometimes with not very clearly defined ribs, and reaches a weight of up to 0.5 kg. Seed nests are small and few.Position: an ideal place for growing ground tomatoes is a quiet corner of the garden with direct sunlight and warm, carefully cultivated soil. The quality of the substrate plays a significant role in ensuring abundant crops: it should be medium-sized, airy, and rich in humus. As a starter for raspberry tomatoes, shredded compost is perfect. In such conditions, we will receive fruit that we would not find in any store.Spacing: the seedling should be moved to the ground with a spacing of not less than 60-70 x 50-60 cm.Frost resistance: tomatoes are sensitive to long-term temperature drops below 12 ° C.Application: The favorite is an excellent choice for cultivation for direct consumption. It is not only sweet and tasty, but extremely valuable, because its flesh contains a full set of vitamins A, C, D, K and B vitamins. Lycopene contained in tomatoes is anti-cancer and prevents cardiovascular disease.

The package contains 0.5 grams of seeds.

Solanum lycopersicum

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