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Tomato Remiz F1 10 Seeds

Tomato Remiz F1 10 Seeds

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Tomato Remiz F1 - greenhouse and under cover (Solanum lycopersicum) variety ideal for growing in the greenhouse and the foil tunnel, as well as in the field. Highly growing and strongly propagating annual stiff-stem plant. The Remiz variety is characterized by high fertility and early ripening. Fruit collected in several groups, set low on the plant. Medium-sized fruit reaching a weight of 80-100 g. Spherical in shape, may be slightly flattened. The skin and flesh are nicely dyed intensely red. Very tasty and firm tomatoes perfect for fresh consumption, they are mainly used as an addition to salads or sandwiches. They are not only unique in taste, but are also a great source of very valuable nutrients. They contain provitamin A, vitamin C, group B vitamins and mineral salts.The cultivar is easy to grow, ideal for amateur cultivation both in the ground and under cover. Sown tomato seeds 6-8 weeks before the planned date of planting the seedling to a permanent place. Seeds are sown from December to March in pots or on pallets, placed in a warm and bright room. Seedlings are moved to a permanent place, when they produce several leaves, we keep a spacing of 60-70 x 50-60 cm. Tomatoes require good sunlight and fertile soils, they must be regularly fertilized and irrigated. The fruits of the Remiz variety ripen from May to August.

Each pack contains 0.1 g or around 10 seeds

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