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Tunbergia - a mix of colors 25 seeds

Tunbergia - a mix of colors 25 seeds

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Thunbergia is an annual plant with winding shoots, reaching a height of 140 to even 180 cm. It is grown mainly for its beautiful flowers. The plant is not only unable to withstand freezing temperatures, but it also does badly with a few lines above zero. It is assumed that the temperature drop below 10 degrees is deadly for tunbergia. The position preferred by the plant is sunny, or slightly shaded place with fertile, well-drained soil. During periods of full growth requires strong irrigation, this requirement decreases over time. Due to the winding creepers, it needs the use of supports. Early spring is the perfect time for cutting thickened shoots. Tunbergia blooms from July to October, then produces colorful, specific flowers with a trumpet shape. The overall assessment of the plant is positively affected by its wide application. Most often it is used to create compositions on the elements of building our yard - it covers balconies or walls, pergolas and fences. We can also be tempted to grow in containers, as well as indoors. Elements that directly influence the popularity of tunberia are its aesthetic and decorative qualities, and it is in this respect that it is purchased. So if we have conditions in which this plant will be possible to grow, we should not think about it anymore - tunbergia is the perfect choice.

The package contains 0.8 grams or 25 seeds

Thunbergia alata
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