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Turquoise Dill 5 grams 1000 Seeds

Turquoise Dill 5 grams 1000 Seeds

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Turquoise garden fennel (Anethum graveolens) is an annual plant with an unusual aroma. An early variety, therefore it is rarely affected by diseases, which results in a very abundant and high-quality yield. The shoots it produces are raised and heavily covered with leaves. Plants with a flower can reach a height of 150 cm. The leaves are not distinguished by their size, but have a very attractive appearance. They are dark green, thickly covered with a wax coating, they also delight with an unusual aroma. Green leaves and stems contain large amounts of dry matter, beta-carotene and vitamin C. This variety is ideal for green harvesting, freezing and drying. The grown plants with flower umbels will be perfect for souring and preserving.

Dill grows best in a sunny position and its leaves are more aromatic. Prefers well-drained and carefully cultivated soils. The best method to have constant access to fresh green leaves is to sow fennel seeds at intervals of several days. We can sow into the ground from March to September.

Each package contains 5 g or around 1000 seeds

Anethum graveolens
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