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Unique and rare Giant Granadilla - Barbadine - Giant Tumbo - Passiflora Quadrangulais 4 seeds

Unique and rare Giant Granadilla - Barbadine - Giant Tumbo - Passiflora Quadrangulais 4 seeds

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Giant Granadilla Passiflora Quadrangulais  


Giant Granadilla. This is what missionaries called it in the 18th century. The five stamens of the flower were to symbolize the five wounds of Christ, the three-part mark of the pistil was the cross and the frayed cup was a crown of thorns. In the appearance of the flowers, an analogy was sought with the crucifixion of Christ. The giant passion flower is a beautiful tropical climber from South America. This species has a characteristic four-crowned stem on which flowers, even 20 cm in diameter, are placed, which, unfortunately, fade on the same day as they bloom, moreover, the Giant Granadilla produces edible, very large fruit, up to 35 cm long and weighing even more than 2 kg, greenish flesh, used for juices, as an addition to exotic drinks, salads and dishes, moreover, the fruit can be eaten raw. Fruit is mainly used as an ornamental plant for garden terraces, pergolas and fences, in our conditions it is a species for home cultivation from spring to autumn, it can be displayed in the garden, on the terrace or balcony.


Sowing seeds and growing:


Sowing seeds all year round, soak the seeds in warm water for 48 hours, and then sow them to a depth of about 0.5 cm into a light, fertile, humus substrate. Place the sowing in a warm and bright place with a temperature of about 20 - 25 C (the seeds germinate within 30 - 90 days).

Pocket contains 4 seeds


Passiflora Quadrangulais  


giant granadilla, barbadine (Trinidad), grenadine (Haiti), giant tumbo or badea

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