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Unique Ornamental Cotton 5 seeds

Unique Ornamental Cotton 5 seeds

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Indian cotton (Gossypium herbaceum):
Cotton is an interesting perennial plant growing up to about 80 cm, for cultivation in containers, on balconies, terraces or in winter gardens. In summer, the plants can be put outside on the terrace, balcony or garden. Cotton blooms for a long time from the beginning of summer until fall. During this time, large pink or cream-yellow flowers appear on the plants. After flowering, white fluffy seed heads appear.

Cut shoots with infructescences are used in floristics in dry flower arrangements.

Indian cotton grown from seeds: The seeds can be sown all year round, but those sown from February to May germinate best. Put 2-3 seeds into pots with a diameter of 6-8 cm "with the sharp end down" to a depth of about 1.5 cm. After sowing, we spray. At temperatures above 20'C, emergence takes place after 7-14 days. Seed the seedlings in the 4-5 leaf stage to seed the tillering. Grow in a special seedbed with coconut fiber, place the pots in a sunny place.

Package contains 5 seeds Gossypium herbaceum
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