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Vertus 2 Cabbage 200 seeds

Vertus 2 Cabbage 200 seeds

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Savoy cabbage is a variety of white cabbage. More expressive in taste than its cousin, it has many followers. The specific, rough surface is the hallmark of this vegetable. Tasty and healthy, it is worth inviting to the home garden. It is possible if you decide to buy savoy cabbage seeds in our store. We recommend seeds from a well-known manufacturer at a good price.

Late variety of savoy cabbage, with very large heads (even 2.5 kg), perfect for direct consumption and storage. Spherical or slightly flattened heads with high sugar content are very tasty. The bubble-like surface of the leaves is a bluish-green color from the waxy coating with which they are covered. A variety with outstanding taste qualities. Juicy and crumbly, tender, buttery, with no fibers in the main nerve.

Savoy cabbage is a universal vegetable. It can be eaten raw, as part of salads and mixed vegetables. Often found as an ingredient of stews, soups, stews, casseroles. Stuffed cabbage or stuffed cabbage is a showpiece dish of many a housewife. Stewed or fried, boiled or even baked - everyone will choose something for themselves from the cabbage menu. Most often served with meat, it is attributed to its high calorie content and is difficult to digest. However, there is a way to do everything and properly prepared savoy cabbage will be not only tasty, but also nutritious. It is worth mentioning that it is much richer, because it contains as much as 40 times vitamin A than its cousin proteins. It also contains twice as much protein.

We grow cabbage by sowing seeds for the inspection or directly into the ground in April. We plant the seedlings at their destination in May. We can count on the harvest from July to October, depending on the exact date of planting the seedlings into the ground and weather conditions. The place occupied by the cabbage should be sunny, on good-quality, neutral soil. Savoy cabbage does not like hot weather. The thermal optimum for this vegetable is 15-18 degrees. Irrigation is essential, especially during the head setting phase.

Savoy cabbage is wrongly considered a common and worthless vegetable. Meanwhile, it is quite the opposite. Very valuable for health, pleasant to the palate. It is worth reserving a piece of land in our vegetable garden.

The package contains seeds in the amount of 2 gram or around 200 seeds

Brassica Oleracea var. Sabauda
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