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Warsaw Raspberry Tomato seeds

Warsaw Raspberry Tomato seeds

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The Raspberry Warsaw ground tomato (Lycopersicon esculentum) is one of the universal varieties, ensuring equally abundant crops in tunnel and soil cultivation. Since the representatives of this variety are plants of unlimited growth, they should be planted at the stands. Their shapely, spherical, slightly flattened fruits reach a mass of up to 180-250 g. They are fleshy, quite hard and firm, excellent in taste. Their flesh takes on a raspberry-pink color, is covered with a thin skin and does not crack. Warsaw Raspberry Tomato provides delicious, sweet fruit, recommended for direct consumption. They contain a lot of lycopene, huge amounts of vitamin C and slightly smaller B vitamins and beta-carotene. The juicy pulp of raspberry tomatoes also contains a lot of potassium and other macro- and micronutrients.Seedlings are easy to produce yourself with the help of a warm inspection. Strong seedlings will also be obtained in glass-covered pots placed in a bright and warm room in the flat. Plants are transferred under a film or to an unprotected ground in late spring. To enjoy a lush crop, a raspberry and sunny place should be allocated for the raspberry tomato, with quickly warming soil, well-drained, sufficiently moist and humus-rich.

Each pack contains 0.5 g of Raspberry Warsaw ground tomato seeds.

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