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Watermelon Crimson Sweet 20 Seeds

Watermelon Crimson Sweet 20 Seeds

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Watermelon, Crimson Sweet watermelon (Citrullus lanatus) - a very attractive variety, ideal for growing under cover and in the ground. It is valued for its large oval fruit that can weigh 5-7 kg. Appetizing, delicious red flesh is very juicy and sweet. The fruit is covered with a light green skin decorated with narrow darker streaks. This variety is characterized by high resistance to diseases.

Watermelons are grown only from seedlings prepared in heated rooms. Spring will be a convenient date for this. Watermelon seeds are sown in production or peat pots. During the emergence period, we make sure that the substrate is constantly, slightly moist and the temperature is kept between 22-24 ° C. When seedlings have 4-5 well-developed leaves, we can plant them permanently. However, not earlier than in the second half of May, when we are sure that they will not be threatened by spring frosts. The plants are planted in wells filled with manure or compost, 100 cm apart. Watermelon requires a very sunny, sheltered and secluded position. It grows best and yields best in fertile and moist soil with a high content of humus and a slightly acidic reaction. The fruits ripen at the end of summer.

Each package contains 1 g of Crimson Sweet watermelon seeds, which is about 20 seeds.
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