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White-blue Mexican marinade

White-blue Mexican marinade

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White-blue Mexican Maroon (Ageratum houstonianum) is a profusely flowering annual plant eagerly planted in balcony boxes and garden discounts. It reaches a small height of just 20 cm. Strongly spreads, forming low bushes with a flattened habit. Numerous stems are topped with umbellate inflorescences. White-blue flowers develop from June until the first autumn frosts. Richly flower-marinated flowers will look great on low discounts, we'll create blue borders from them, and when planted in boxes, they blend in well with other popular balcony flowers.

At the beginning of spring, we plant the seeds of the marijuana seed into boxes or on sowing pallets, which we place in a warm room. For sowing, it is best to use a mixture of peat with sand or a ready sowing substrate. This medium is light and holds moisture well, which promotes good seed germination. When the plants reach a height of 1 cm, they should be quilted in clusters of several pieces. In this way we will get lush seedlings. We plant them outside in the second half of May, when the risk of spring frosts passes. Mexican marijuana planted in a sunny place will then bloom very profusely and for a long time.

Each pack contains 0.3 g Mexican white-blue Mexican seeds.
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